Traditional Easter Recipes To Try in 2019

Easter is a special time of the year. It's a time when being with our family and over-indulging in chocolate is all that matters.  

So with all the family together in the one place, it calls for some traditional Easter recipes to keep everyone well fed. 

There are a million different ways to put a spin on how to cook for Easter, but these are our top two that can't be passed up: 

Hot Cross Buns 

Hot Cross Buns are a must have at any time throughout Easter. We signify the time of year with that seasonal sweet smell carrying through the house and they are easy to have at all times of the day to substitute the chocolate overload. 

For those that want to go down the traditional path and make your own Hot Cross Buns, I've got a lovely home-style recipe that is sure to win over the family members. Remember, to make your Hot Cross Buns unique, add a little ginger, ground cloves or star anise to suit your taste. 

Roasted Lamb 

Many of us celebrate Easter Sunday with a traditional lamb roastIt's a wonderful meal that brings the entire family together and is best served with a nice glass of red or a cool beer! 

Now recipes for roast lamb are sometimes sacred when it comes to family gatherings, but if there is no such script in your family, then I've got the ten ultimate lamb recipes that will have the family picketing you for more. 

If you're more traditional with what you have in mind, then the garlic-crusted roast rack of lamb is a nice safe bet. However, if you want to flip the script a little, then the yogurt marinated lamb kebabs with lemon butter might the twist you need for this Easter break. 


But if it gets too much, head across to and check out what some of Australia's most award-winning restaurants have on offer this Easter. Don't forget to pick-up a Good Food Gift Card while you're there for the easiest way to dine out this holiday season! 


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