Australian Restaurant Guide: Where to Dine for Every Occasion

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The Australian dining scene

Australian culinary culture is both vibrant and diverse in nature, fusing traditional and innovative flavours to land a unique dining scene. You can fine dine with stunning waterfront views, indulge in wine tasting in country Australia, or enjoy a humble Sunday roast at a hotel pub.

Where to dine?

Regardless of the state you’re dining in, there’s always something for everyone. It only depends on the atmosphere you’re after. Take a look at the Good Food Gift Card recommendations for the top restaurants in each state and territory to tick off your bucket list.

Here’s a snapshot of suggestions for restaurants specific to each state and territory:

For more on where to dine around Australia, browse the categories above.

What’s the occasion?

First date? Anniversary? Birthday? Work event? The right restaurant atmosphere can make or break the occasion. Browse through our suggestions for your upcoming event to see what will best suit you:

What cuisine?

Australia’s multicultural presence means it’s guaranteed you’ll find the cuisine you’re after regardless of the state or territory you’re in.

When are you dining?

From cosy restaurants in winter to outdoor locations in summer, choosing the perfect restaurant you pick depends on the season as well as what meal you’re dining out for.


Winter meals are generally associated with lunch and dinner - in a location which offers a great selection of meats and wines. Here are the best winter dining options if you’re in Melbourne, and here are the best options for winter in Perth.


If you’re dining in summer - you must find a location which celebrates the outdoors. Take a look at the best summer coastal dining locations here, or if you’re in Sydney consider ticking these spots off your bucket list.


As the air turns crisp, Autumn calls for a celebration of fresh produce. Here’s a seasonal eating guide to ensure you’re making the most out of what Autumn has to offer. To really enjoy the season, we recommend heading to Courgette in Canberra - where the menu changes depending on the season, to maximise the use of seasonal produce.


Spring is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway to enjoy good food - no matter the meal. If you do plan a getaway, make sure to head to The Long Apron on the Sunshine Coast, or Maximilian’s Vineyard Restaurant in Adelaide.

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