COVID-19: Supporting our partners during this time

With the spread of COVID-19 leading to increased 'social distancing' and further health measures, the hospitality industry is facing a significant challenge. In order to help our customers to stay safe whilst still supporting their local hospitality industry, we have compiled a list of exactly what our partners are doing in the face of the virus. Please note that just like the current circumstances, the measures taken by the below restaurants is constantly changing. Whilst we are endeavouring to update this list as often as possible, we recommend checking the restaurants own websites for the most up to date news. 


  • Abhi's:
    • Offering delivery 
  • Aki's: 
    • Offering delivery 




** Please note that this information is as accurate as possible at the time of posting. This information is subject to change as more information and restrictions occur. Please read Government updates here or visit the restaurants pages for the most updated information.

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