Different Types of Soup From Around the World 

As winter approaches, indulging in delicious comfort food is the perfect way to stay warm. Soup is an excellent choice for those of you wanting to escape the cold and warm your souls this winter season.  With numerous soup dishes from around the world available to Australian diners, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If your favourite is a creamy heart-warming soup, or a strong spicy flavour, one of these fine soups will be just right for you this winter.  

Udon Noodle Soup – Japan 

For those of you wanting soup this winter, do not look past an udon noodle soup. This Japanese dish consists of a thick wheat noodle, served with fresh and flavoursome toppings including proteins, vegetables or seafood.  Sorenzo Contemporary Japanese Dining in Sydney, brings Japanese fine dining to life across their menu. This is no exception to their Udon Noodle Soup, which is served with shallots, mushroom, and seafood, perfect for cold winter days.  

French Onion Soup – France 

Originating in Paris in the 18th century, French Onion Soup is the perfect heart-warming winter soup. This dish bursts with flavours from onions, beef stock, toasted bread and cheese.  Sydney's Bistro Guillaume, a restaurant inspired by the most popular neighbourhood bistros of Paris, offers an abundance of French dishes. This includes a simple and authentic French Onion Soup.  This soup is the perfect entrée to warm your soul before indulging in the delectable main meal options this winter.   

Tom Yum Soup – Thailand 

Traditionally from Thailand, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, otherwise known as tom yam, derives from the Thai words meaning "boiling" and "spicy and sour", which perfectly describes this soup.  The soup is made from fresh and crisp ingredients, including prawns, red chillies and lemongrass. These flavours combine to create the perfect dish for those who enjoy flavourful and spicy meals.  Restaurant Moon's Tom Yum Soup does not fail to provide diners with this exact combination, a perfect choice of soup from around the world, to keep you warm this winter.  


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