15 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie

We all know that person who simply can't resist posting a photo of every single meal on Instagram. You'll also likely know someone who plans their holidays around restaurants rather than sights, leaves a party when the food runs out, or gets a rush from supermarket shopping.

We call these people foodies, and if you know one, we've got your gift shopping sorted. Whether it's your best friend who loves to bake, your co-worker who knows all the best lunch spots or your aspirational gourmand father, here are fifteen gift ideas they'll adore.

1. Home baked goods

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie

If you don't mind a bit of baking yourself, homemade treats are a simple gift. This is a great option for when you're on a budget with your gift buying or under a $10 restriction from your office secret santa. Go with shortbread biscuits or a stack of white Christmas slice for something delicious to match the festive season.

2. Dinner and a movie

Every year Hollywood releases some killer movies at Christmas. There's usually at least one big epic movie, a cheesy family flick, and a good ol' romance. Treat your person to the movie of their choice and allow them to dine at their favourite restaurant while they're at it. The Good Food Gift Card Dinner & Movie gift card lets you go for dinner before enjoying a film at any Village, Event, Greater Union or Birch Carroll & Coyle cinema. Who doesn't love a steak followed by popcorn?

3. Herb garden

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Fresh is best when cooking, so a personal herb supply will add some real flavour to their dishes. If the person you are gifting doesn't have a garden, that's okay. Herbs will grow well in a pot, even on a balcony or on the kitchen window sill.

4. Subscription Box

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (8)

Subscription boxes are a brilliant way to give a gift that keeps on coming. You can give the gift of dried meat for six months with an artisanal jerky package, keep it healthy with regular fruit and vegetable boxes, or play it safe with a crowd-pleasing cookie subscription box.

5. Kitchen gadget

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (7)

There's a huge range of useful kitchen gadgets to choose from. If you want something big, go with an appliance like a Mix Master that your mum or girlfriend might be lusting after. Or on the smaller scale, an item like a mortar and pestle or a rolling pin might be missing from their cooking armory. If you can, you might want to do a sneaky check to make sure that they don't already have the gadget.

6. Cook book

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (3)

If they've got a favourite chef or cook whose recipes they love, see if there's a cookbook you can get them. You can also buy themed cookbooks, so if they've developed an obsession with Indian curries try and find one that shares the secrets to cooking the perfect aloo gobi.

7. Monogrammed Apron

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (9)

A master chef should look the part, so why not give the gift of a monogrammed apron? If you know a couple who love to cook together in the kitchen, you could switch the personalised look for a His and Hers apron set.

8. Good Food Gift Card

Give them incredible food without the work. With a Good Food Gift Card you're treating the recipient to a meal at one of Australia's best restaurants. A true foodie will appreciate this present because it's all about the experience of a meal prepared to a standard of excellence. Include with your gift a guide to Good Food Gift Card participants that came out as winners in this year's Good Food Awards. With hatted restaurants in every state, they'll be sure to find somewhere special to dine.

9. Salt pack

Until recently, salt was considered a basic commodity. These days, however, gourmet chefs have learned to appreciate and distinguish between distinctive qualities of gourmet salts. There's Persian Blue Salt, Black Lava Sea Salt, Red Alaea Salt, Viking Smoked Salt, Finishing Salt, Flake Salt, Pink Himilayan Salt, Chilli Flavoured Salt and the creme de la creme of salts, Fleur de Sel.

10. Trivia game

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (5)

If you've got no budget at all but plenty of time on your hands, why not make up a foodie trivia game? A trivia game allows players to strut their culinary stuff and prove who's the smartest foodie of all. Cut out a tonne of cardboard squares and write on them questions from topics ranging from culinary science and celebrity chefs to food history and exotic cuisines.

11. Cocktail multitool

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (12)

If your loved one is into food, it's safe to say they may be into cocktails too. Good food and good cocktails go hand-in-hand for many, so why not opt for a multitool that could have them whipping up everything from a classic Manhattan to modern favourites like espresso martinis, Aperol spritz and elderflower gin and tonics. A multitool for cocktails can include bottle opener, channel knife, corkscrew, jigger, muddler, knife, reamer, stirrer, strainer and zester.

12. A print for the kitchen

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (10)

A "How to Cook Everything" print in the kitchen is a handy tool that looks the part too. This would be a particularly great gift for someone fresh out of home or new to the foodie scene that hasn't quite found their feet in the kitchen yet. Foodies might know how to eat well, but they don't always know how to cook well. Try getting them a guide to different cuts of meat or a food and wine matching print.

13. Engraved rolling pin

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (11)

For the baker in your life, an engraved pattern embossed rolling pin lets them put some creative prints onto their pastries. Leave a fun impression on every cookie or pie they make.

14. Chocolate library

GFGC - Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie (4)

For the chocoholic, a chocolate library is a dream, right? Grab yourself a box and fill it with chocolates of all kinds. It can then sit on the shelf for whenever they're needing a quick pick me up. Yummy!

15. A culinary escape

Fancy giving a gift that you get to enjoy as well? Why not give the gift of a foodie getaway? Visit one of Australia's great wine regions, or plan weekend away in Melbourne, where you can visit favourite foodie hot spots like Lygon Street (Italian), Brunswick Street (Bohemian), Southbank (Modern Australian) and Victoria Street (Vietnamese).

Need more inspiration?

Want more great ideas for foodie gifts? Here we take a look at some great gifts for men who love their food and here we explore gift ideas the fussy foodie. Check them out!

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Mireille Kilgour

Mireille Kilgour

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