7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners

Remember when the whole family would sit down to enjoy a traditional Sunday roast, prepared with all the trimmings? In many families, busy lifestyles and takeaways have largely done away with this time-honoured ritual, but if you're craving a traditional Sunday roast dinner just like mum used to make it, there are plenty of places to turn in Sydney.

Secrets of a great Sunday roast

First, let's get one thing straight: there are good Sunday roasts and there are great Sunday roasts. The difference comes down to five important things:

  • The right cut of meat – if it's beef, it should be marbled with fat for flavour and cut from the rib, loin or rump. If it's lamb, don't use the neck or shank as these are the toughest cuts.
  • The right cooking technique – whichever meat you're having, the secret to cooking it to perfection is to regularly test its progress with a meat thermometer, turn it so it bastes in its own juices and allow it to rest for twenty minutes after removing it from the oven.
  • The right accompaniments – a traditional Sunday roast should have a choice of sides including roast vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkin, homemade gravy, steamed greens such as beans, peas and broccoli and a traditional dessert such as bread and butter pudding or apple crumble.
  • The right company – a Sunday roast should be shared with others, preferably friends and family or if that's not possible, then in the company of like-minded people.

Which brings us to the important stuff – four of the best places to enjoy a traditional Sunday roast that you don't have to cook yourself.

7 great places for a sit-down Sunday roast

If you're not a great cook or just prefer the atmosphere of dining out, the following Sydney establishments do a mean Sunday roast you can enjoy in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

The Village Inn

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners1

This beautiful heritage building in Glenmore Road is in one of the earliest commercial areas of Paddington and its old world charm is the perfect setting for a traditional Sunday roast dinner. Enjoy a Sunday roast for just $20, from 12 noon every Sunday, seated amidst tastefully renovated surrounds of exposed brick, wall tiles, leather banquettes, wooden floors and hammered glass wall lights.

The Clock Hotel

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners2

You're guaranteed a great time at the Clock Hotel (bad pun intended). Situated in Crown Street, Surry Hills, the Clock does classic pub grub with a modern twist, from Cuban sliders to the famous Clock Brisket Burger. They also do a delicious Sunday Roast-of-the-Day, which can be enjoyed on the balcony overlooking Crown Street or in the sunken courtyard below. Add an award-winning cocktail bar and an extensive wine list and you have the ingredients for the perfect Sunday lunch.

The Forresters

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners3

This sassy and stylish establishment in Riley Street, Surry Hills does the Sunday roast with an American twist. Their Harlem Roast for Two with all the trimmings is just $42 and includes a whole crispy roast chicken, mac & cheese, braised greens, waffles and spicy maple. Not exactly traditional, but still more than enough to warm the cockles of your heart, as will a glass of the accompanying $5 house spirits between 4 and 6pm.

The Welcome Hotel

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners4

One of Sydney's oldest pubs in Evans Street Rozelle, the Welcome Hotel will make you more than welcome at their mouthwatering spit roast, held on the first Sunday of every month from 12 noon in the beer garden. Renowned for their hospitality, great Italian food, extensive wine list and craft beers on tap, the Welcome takes the traditional Sunday lunch to a whole new level of enjoyment.


GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners5

Let's face it: it's not always a Sunday when you feel like a roast. For a roast you can enjoy any day of the week, head to Coogee's Barzura. Enjoy a corn-fed roast chicken breast with baby gem potatoes, crispy pancetta and spelt risotto. Those looking for a tasty feed to warm a winter evening can also take advantage of their winter early bird dinner specials, every Monday to Friday from 3-7pm.

Bistro Guillaume

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners6

For a roast that's truly made to share right in the centre of the city, head to Bistro Guillaume. We suggest taking along a group and ordering the Whole roasted Barossa Valley chicken, with Paris mash, tarragon jus, as well as the Côte de bœuf, with kipfler potatoes, and béarnaise sauce. You'll get to satisfy both chicken and beef lovers, plus enjoy a roast with a delicious French twist.

The Paddington Inn

GFGC - 7 of Sydney's Best Roast Dinners7

Those who love a roast chicken will also enjoy The Paddington Inn's new Grill, overseen by Matt Moran. As well as a range of cuts of steak, lamb rump and pork cutlets, you can order a half chicken with roasted parsnip and caper vinaigrette as this newly refurbished but still cosy-as-ever Paddington favourite.

Reconnect with the Sunday roast

If you know someone you think would like to try some of Sydney's best Sunday roasts for themselves, you can get them the gift of a Good Food Gift Card here.

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