7 Beautiful Ways To Present a Gift Card

GFGC- Present a Gift Card

There are plenty of times when giving a gift card as a present is the best idea.

A gift card is more personal than giving money, but still gives the recipient enough flexibility to choose what they really want to use it on. Yet there are those that say giving a gift card as a present is boring… and we have to respectfully disagree.

Given in the right way, a gift card can be an exciting present to unwrap. Use these ideas to wrap up your Good Food Gift Card in way that anyone would love to receive.

1. Pyramid box

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Instead of simply placing a gift card into a bag, try wrapping it up in a pyramid box. You can purchase these boxes in a variety of designs and you can even add your own touches, like tying a bow to the top of the box. You can also place tissue paper in colours matching those on the outside of the box inside the pyramid surrounding the gift card, creating the complete package that's beautifully executed. By packaging your gift card like this you're providing a much more unique, attractive and memorable gift.

2. Pop me packaging

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Image via Etsy

For those that prefer to give their gifts with a little bit more excitement, try presenting your gift card in an inflated balloon. Roll up a gift card and place it inside the balloon while it's still deflated, and then blow up the balloon. Once the balloon is inflated you can write a special message on the outside, and you can also add some curling ribbon around the bottom of the balloon if you think it's looking a little bland. To make the present even more exciting, add some glitter or confetti inside the balloon before inflating to create a sparkling surprise when it's popped.

3. Hand-sewn gift bag

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Image via Craft Snob

If you're into DIY projects, sewing together a gorgeous little reusable gift card bag to place your gift card into might be a thoughtful idea. All you'll need is some fabric in a pattern of your choice, some matching ribbon and a sewing machine. If sewing isn't your thing, try your hand at one of these no-sew fabric gift bags. These bags are dainty and can be re-used by the receiver of your gift.

4. Gift card with a companion

Image via A Beautiful Mess

Gifting to an animal lover? Give your gift card an animal companion. Wrap it in some patterned wrapping paper and tie it up with some ribbon. You can then use the ribbon to attach the gift card to an animal. Although it may seem like a unusual idea, it's a unique and sophisticated way to present a gift card, particularly to an animal lover.

5. Gift-shaped card

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Image via Scrapbook and Cards Today

If you still like the idea of giving a 'gift', consider presenting a gift-shaped card instead. This one from Scrapbook and Cards Today even opens up just like a present box would, making process of unwrapping the gift card much more exciting. Make the gift even more presentable by adding personal touches, like additional ribbon, some diamantes or glitter.

6. Gourmet gift basket

GFGC- Present a Gift Card

If you don't want to present a gift card by itself, create a gift basket that includes small gifts other than just the gift card. Grab a reusable basket, fill it with material like tissue paper or straw, and then add little presents of your choosing. Items that you add might include napkins, a candle, a bottle opener, and other practical items that your gift receiver will appreciate and use. To finish it off you can wrap it up in cellophane with a big ribbon.

7. Christmas wreath

Image via Apartment Therapy

If you're giving a gift card for Christmas, consider this Christmas wreath idea to hold your gift card. Using greenery, this gift card holder is unique and sure to excite the receiver of your gift card, and once the gift card has been opened it can be hung around the house as a gorgeous decor touch. You can even add ribbon for a touch of colour.

Add some excitement to your gift card

A Good Food Gift Card can be made even more exciting when wrapped up nicely, and by using these unique and elegant designs you'll be sure the receive of your gift card will be happy with their gift. You'll never think giving a gift card is boring again.

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Mireille Kilgour

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