There are few things more enjoyable than a perfectly cooked piece of meat. But with so many cuts of beef available, it can be difficult to know how best to cook each of them. Use this guide to understand where each cut of beef comes from, discover some delicious recipes and best of all, find out where you can have an expert cook it for you the right way.

Quick guide

Most expensive steak: Tenderloin

Cheapest cuts: Rump, sirloin, flank, skirt, brisket, shin, silverside, chuck, blade, top rump

Most tender cut: Tenderloin (also known as eye fillet or fillet mignon)

Leanest cut: Eye of round roast or steak, Sirloin tip side steak, Top round roast and steak, Bottom round roast and steak, Top sirloin steak

Fattiest cut: Tenderloin (also known as eye fillet or fillet mignon), Porterhouse steak, Skirt steak, T-bone steak, Rib-eye steak

Best for grilling: All steak cuts

Best for roasting: Rib eye, cross rib (from the chuck section), topside, rump

Best for slow cooking: Tongue, cheek, chuck, shin, brisket, rump

Best for curries: Chuck

Best for stir fries: Flank (often sold as stir-fry beef)

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